Friday, August 29, 2008

Wish Us Luck

This morning Adam gave a little squawk to let us know he's awake, the same as every morning. The difference? He was hanging from the outside of his crib. Scott and I did some quick decision making and decided to make a giant leap:

We've had the toddler bed for a couple of months. We completely dismantled the crib so we (hopefully) won't cave. I just put Adam down for his nap and so far so good. Unfortunately my friend Amy informs me that the first week is cake. It's the second week, when they realize they can get out and play, that is difficult. Oh well, we're committed. Here goes nothin'.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Boy Loves His Mama

Look at that cute boy. Don't you just want to kiss him?

I know I do.
I love that he knows how to give kisses now.
You can't tell from the picture, but he pats my back now when he gives me a hug.
I'm soaking this up now. I know that, eventually, he won't want to hug me and kissing me will be "gross".

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

24 Weeks

Here is my 24 week picture from my pregnancy with Adam. I so wanted to look pregnant and Scott actually accused me of sticking my belly out.

Unfortunately, a small belly hasn't really been an issue for me this time around. And, by the way, am I taller? Please tell me I'm not growing vertically as well as horizontally!!

"Ga-guck" (Translation: Firetruck)

One benefit of the astronomical taxes we pay is that our town has some great community events. One that we have enjoyed the last few summers is the "Brighton Night Out". The town sponsors it at the park around the corner from our house. It's all the hotdogs, chips, soda and ice cream (my favorite part) you can eat. There are also drug dog demonstrations by the police department and the fire department opens a couple of their trucks up to the kids. Adam was a little awestruck by this.

I have no idea why my stomach looks so huge, I'm only five months pregnant. Maybe there are several babies in there.

He really did just stand and stare at the trucks for quite a while. What is it with boys and trucks?

"Future's So Bright..."

I was buying Adam some winter clothes online and they had these sunglasses for $0.99, plus I had a coupon. I figured they would be a fun toy. Adam put them on and didn't take them off for a good hour. When you're cool, well, you're just cool.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Hope for the Future

Scott and I have talked about how the leap from two kids to three will be really hard because we will need a new house and a new car. Well, my friend Amy and I went to a farm about a half an hour away and decided to try to save on gas by carpooling. We successfully (semi-successfully) fit all three carseats in the back of my Honda Civic. I say "semi-successfully" because there was a small hip check to get the door closed. But Amy and I can both testify that the carseat angle balls were in the green, so that means it was all legal and safe, right? Riiight...

Like Father Like Son

Adam adapts his play style to the person with whom he is playing. When I play with him we sit together all snuggled up. With Daddy, they sprawl out on the floor. When Adam knows Scott is coming back to play, he will assume the position of lying on the floor. So funny.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Best Bath. Ever.

The other night we let Adam have his wish of not turning off the water during his bath. The bathtub got pretty full. Adam thought it was awesome. Scott was showing him how to blow bubbles.

Adam basically just drank the water but he did get a few bubbles in there.

Is this the look of a happy customer or what?

Growing Up "Strong"

Adam and I went to Strong Museum today to kill some time. I was watching him at the train table and it occurred to me that I have pictures of him at that train table since he was 9 months old. Here he is at nine months, head barely peaking over the top of the table.

This is 10 months. He was actually walking at this point but not exactly stable.

This is 12 months. It's sad, but he still does enjoy the occasional "taste".

And here's my big boy today. Sorry for the blurry picture. I just love watching him play. He handles himself pretty well, considering he is usually one of the youngest kids at the table (although often NOT the smallest).

And can we take a moment to appreciate the shoes? How cute are they? I want a pair. Oh wait, I have a pair.


Scott's sister and her family visited recently and we took them to our favorite park, Stonybrook. This place is great. It has a natural swimming pool and trails that follow the brook with waterfalls and natural water slides along the way. It also has a fabulous playground. That's my nephew on the left. I'll let you guess who the other, er, kid is on the right.

Adam and Scott enjoying the water. It was COLD. Adam adapted pretty quickly and really enjoyed it.

This is his classic, "you're too close, I can do it myself" move. He's very independent these days and doesn't like it when we "hover".

My nieces were fearless and insisted on trying to climb every waterfall while their mother and I looked on in horror. Luckily Uncle Scott was there to help avoid catastrophe.

These kids love their goggles.

Airplane Watching Suggestions?

We decided to try to take Adam to watch planes take off and land at the airport. Scott looked at Google Maps and decided that the Erie Canal Trail was the best place. We had a great walk and Adam enjoyed all that nature had to offer.

We did eventually see some planes, but they were prop planes, not the jets we were hoping for. My friend, Amy, suggested the cell phone parking lot at the airport. We may have to try that next time.

We did get to see some nice boats on the Genessee River on our way back. Adam cried when we left the boats.