Thursday, July 31, 2008

It's a Girl!

We're very excited. I honestly didn't care whether it was a boy or girl but am so excited for the pink and pig tails.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

More July Fun

I forgot to post this little gem from the fair. Any woman who has breastfed is cringing right now. I wanted to scream for someone to hook that girl up and put her out of her misery!!

These last pictures are all of Adam watching Scott mow the lawn. He's such a boy...

Wait! He's going around the side!

There he is!

See that look of complete love and adoration on his face? Priceless.

Gee, Thanks...

Here's a thought; next time you hit someone's car, leave an actual phone number. Now I have a dented car and no one to blame. Super.

*If someone can tell me why Blogger is posting this picture the wrong way, I'd appreciate it. I didn't take it this way and it doesn't show up on my computer this way...

Monday, July 28, 2008

Fun in July

Our neighbor left this little treasure on our front doorstep. Adam loves them. I have, however, had to hide them as Adam has discovered that chalk works on all surfaces, not just the sidewalk. I've asked my neighbor to wait a few years before she gives him any Sharpies.

This kid is just cool...

Future GQ model. I think his legs will really help him break into the industry...

We went to the Monroe County Fair. Scott and I thought the food and rides were way over priced ($3/person to ride the Merry-Go-Round) but Adam had a great time. I think it's time for him to get a job.

Showing off the latest war wound. He fell out of the backseat of the car onto the pavement.

Monday, July 21, 2008

"I've Already Got One!"

Scott is the Stake Executive Secretary and in charge of making appointments with the Stake President. Apparently he called a guy last week to set up an appointment, the guy called back today. This was our conversation:

Guy: Brother Holmes called me to set-up a temple recommend interview with the Stake President.
Me: Okay
Guy: Yeah, I already got a temple recommend last week somehow, so I don't need the interview.
Me: Uh, okay, I'll pass on the message.

How exactly one comes across a temple recommend without a Stake President interview is beyond me.

All I could think about was this scene from Monty Python. Imagine Scott is King Arthur and that the guy in the French Taunter.

It only could have been better if he said, "Tell him I've already got one" and "Yes, it's very nice" in a outrageous french accent. Oh, and then farted in our general direction.

I echo Lancelot, "What a strange person."

Friday, July 11, 2008

Pool Fun

Okay, it's not a great pool, but everyone had a great time. This is my oh-so-svelte little sister, Melody, hopping in.

One guess who this is.

Trying to make a tornado (it is Kansas).

My brother served watermelon to everyone in the pool and announced that there would be a prize for the first person to hit someone in the head with a seed.

My brother, Chad, got closest with this shot.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

"Take Me Out to the Ballgame..."

My parents retired to the middle of Kansas where they bought a non-operational school and made it their home. It makes for an interesting house, but it was the perfect place to accommodate 30 people for a family reunion (that is, if renting a house on Lake Cuomo is out). One of it's big advantages is a huge baseball diamond in the back. With 30 people, plus the family of a friend, we were able to put together a decent game. I love these pictures because they have a very "Americana" feel to them. Enjoy.

The first two are pre-game. That is my brother's girlfriend, Nicki, sitting on the truck. To the left of the truck is a pink electric moped, remember that, it will come up in future posts.

Adam really thought of it as his moped.

I got great pictures of my brothers swinging, this is Chad, the youngest of our crew.

I got great pictures of the girls too, just not playing baseball.

I just love this picture.

This is my brother Cary:

This is my niece, Livi, going up to bat. She rocked!

I adore this picture of Adam. I haven't decided what to do with it yet. It will definitely involve enlarging it, and possibly making it black and white. What do you think?

You Know You're in Kansas if...

...businesses close down to prepare for cage fights.

Is Kansas south of the Mason-Dixon line? I thought this was really funny, then I went to collect Adam. The lady behind the counter said "did you see the sign?" I laughed and said "yeah". She didn't laugh.

This one's for Dorothy, Go Jayhawks!

Gas is less that $4/gallon:

And finally, you know you're in Kansas when it's a drive-thru or a "ride-thru".

These pictures were actually taken by my Uncle Barry on the way to the reunion. I think he said he was just outside of Wichita. Thanks for the pictures Barry!


My brother, sister and I and our families met up at an indoor water park to hang out before the reunion. The park was great, perfect for little kids. Adam's new favorite word is "slide".

We also went by a free zoo. The ducks were very happy to be fed and the kids were glad to oblige.

There was a train at the zoo, which is pretty much Adam's dream come true. The boys had a great time riding it and were a little disappointed to get off. Here is my sister Melody and her little boy, Noah.