Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Foil Wrapped Deliciousness

What would make a young mother haul her 8-month-old and 2-year-old out to wait in this line on a hot summer day?

Three words: Free Chipotle Burrito.

We got there right when it opened and only waited about 20 minutes; not too bad. Adam loved the bottomless "spicy".

Jane, well Jane just smiled and flirted with everyone. Luckily I had a delicious burrito to eat, otherwise I might have had to resort to nibbling on Jane. It's happened before, it'll happen again.

I am sorry for three things:
1. My camera was in black and white mode, I'm not trying to be artsy, I don't know how to be artsy.
2. Chipotle opened, like, a month ago. I'm still catching up on my blogging.
3. My blog background is horrific and blinding. I don't know what happened. I blame Scott. I'm fixing it.

*I fixed the background. No more blinding turquoise. Sorry gentle reader.

This is what happens...

...when you plant a garden and water it with your sprinkler...

...and then never use the sprinkler again because it is a rainy, cool summer.

A cucumber crawled in, and made a little home; and then needed to be cut out to keep from breaking the sprinkler. Gardeners beware; keep your cucumbers away from your sprinkler. It's a dangerous (and unnatural) combination.

8 Months

Right in the middle of the hustle and bustle of moving, our sweet girl turned 8 months old.

Now, normally I would bake 2/3 of a cake and take cute pictures of her.

But, we were still eating cold cereal 3 times a day and sleeping on the floor.

So, we decided that a piece of paper would have to suffice this time (much to Scott's chagrin and disappointment).

Sorry Janie. I'll make it up to you in September with a fabulous 3/4 cake!

We love you sweet girl!


Dorothy was trying to put both kids to bed one night while Scott and I were out (bless her!). Here is a conversation between her and Adam:

Adam: (singing and making a general ruckus)
Dorothy: Adam, Jane can't concentrate and drink her bottle when you're making that noise. The noise bothers Jane.
Adam: (continuing to sing and make a general ruckus) The noise bothers Jane, the noise bothers Jane, the noise bothers Jane! Grandma, what's noise?

I had had a difficult morning with Adam. He had a couple of potty accidents and I was already a little exasperated by breakfast. Scott was trying to cheer me up.

Scott: Adam, don't you have the best Mama?
Adam: In the whole world!

Bless his heart. I love that kid.


My genius of a husband just showed me how to access my pictures. So here are some highlights of the last month:

Adam has taken to sleeping on the floor, sometimes right behind his bedroom door. We really don't understand the reasons for this, but we do find it dang cute.

Adam has taken well to potty training, but it is still a work in progress. My favorite part of the whole thing is seeing his little bum in underpants. You can bet I give it a good pinch every chance I get.

As mentioned in my earlier post, Jane has begun to pull herself up to standing. The baby gates have gone up, look out world here she comes!

Our favorite grocery store got new carts that can accommodate two kids in the front and hold a carseat behind them. this means I could shop (in the veeerrry distant future) with 3 kids!! It's the little things that make all the difference.

Still Alive....Barely!

So, we are moved into our new house (sort of). And both Dorothy's house and our house are empty (sort of). So much has happened in the last month that I thought I would post an update. There was a two week stretch in June where we didn't take a single picture. Not one. That is highly unusual for us. We take about 500 pictures of the kids each month, no joke. So here is what we've been up to interspersed with random pictures that I happen to have on this laptop because I haven't figured out how to access my desktop remotely to upload pictures.

Releasing a frog that we found into the wild of our backyard

Crawling for about a month
Two teeth on the bottom and the top ones are ready to pop through any day
Pulling herself to standing for a few days now
Imitating Adam's screams (charming)

I love that they can bathe together now, Jane only gets submerged about every 2 minutes.

Potty training for three weeks now
Longest stretch without and accident? 5 days
Starting a preschool co-op two days/week this fall
Went to his first amusement park and is an official adrenaline junkie
Had two weeks of swim lessons and can jump into the pool with his life vest without needing to be caught.
Can also "swim" with his life vest on

This is about half of the chocolate that Dorothy and I had combined. We have issues.

Enjoyed having every other Friday off again this summer
Has totally buff biceps after moving two households
Loves taking Adam swimming
Completed the essential task of getting the home theater set up in the new house

After weeks of sleeping on a mattress on the floor, we have a box spring!!!

Realized that bigger house = more to clean
Thinks the Christmas Tree Shop is of the Devil, except when you need curtains and rods for every window in your house!!!
Made pickles and mis-measured the salt, they may work as a salt lick on a farm.
Went about a month without blogging or checking Facebook, it can be done!