Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Greetings from Kansas

We began our 27 hour trip to Kansas on Monday Night. We went by way of Scott's sister's house to see the new baby. Adam had great fun playing with his cousin, who he called "Jack". It may have had something to do with the fact that he looks strikingly like his friend Jack, they're all the same to him.

The boys played and Scott and I admired the new baby. He is gorgeous with a full head of dark hair. We shielded Adam's eyes for fear that he might develop a complex.

We left Scott's sister's house around 8 p.m. and started driving west. Our plan was that Adam would sleep 10-12 hours and we would get a big chunk of the driving done in peace. Ah, "the best laid plans..." Adam didn't fall asleep until 10 p.m. and that was after two, yes two bottles of milk, totalling 16 ounces. We stopped for gas at about 11:30 p.m. and Adam woke up and required another 10 ounces of milk before he would go back to sleep. He woke up again at 3 a.m. soaking wet, hmmmm, wonder why. So, we changed his diaper at a gas station and Adam couldn't have been happier to be awake. He was pointing out all the trucks and having a grand time.

We stopped to get gas later in the day. We were told there was a Sonic Burger here, they lied. It was only the first of three Sonic bait-and-switch tricks that day. Adam enjoyed a nice "break" though.
We were getting a little desperate towards the end and gave Adam candy to keep him occupied, he is now a big Twizzler fan.

We got off to get some lunch at Sonic Burger and found it had closed two years ago, stupid Sonic. No problem, we got to eat this instead:

We also had some delicious tamales.

Adam chose this time to have a diaper explosion. The bathrooms had no changing tables, so we changed him on the trunk of our car. It wasn't pretty. It may very well have been the most white trash thing I've ever done. Luckily this was the kind of restaurant where that kind of thing really didn't seem that strange.

We arrived at my parent's new "house" about 2 hours later. Stay tuned...

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Father's Day Festivities

Scott and I got to start off Father's Day by giving talks at church, not really a preferred activity for either of us. When we got home it felt good to take a load off and relax. Adam and Scott kicked back with a book while I made a Father's Day dinner.

Adam's gift to his Daddy was to be a big boy and eat with a fork. He now asks for one every time he eats.

Grandma came to celebrate with us. Adam loves when she comes because she's a great grandma and gives him her undivided attention.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Rabbit-proof Garden

I was at the public market last week and they were selling 6-pack vegetable plants for $1.75. I couldn't resist the urge to further domesticate myself. I knew, however, that we have a friendly neighborhood bunny living under our deck. This is my solution:

These are self-watering planters on a raised table. You just fill the reservoir underneath periodically and they stay well hydrated. My neighbor took pity on my pathetic gardening efforts and loaned them to me. The plants have already grown quite a bit and I'm beginning to think I shouldn't have completely disregarded the "suggested spacing" information. They're already looking a bit crowded. Oh well, survival of the fittest!

I'll post some more pictures at the end of summer when we're harvesting our delicious cherry tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers. For our friends that live nearby, you may get more than just pictures:)

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Now and Then: 14 Weeks

I've been lamenting the last few months about how much bigger I am with this pregnancy. I decided to go back and look at some pictures from before and, to my surprise, I don't look that much bigger. This one is from today (sorry about the armpit shot):

And this on is from my pregnancy with Adam:

As a matter of fact, my arms are the only thing that look significantly bigger this time around, which seems unfair since I haul around a 35 lb toddler.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Adrenaline Junkie

We have some very generous friends with a pool. We've spent quite a bit of time there the last few days to beat the 90+ degree heat. Adam loves the pool, but there is no casual floating for him. He actually screams if you try to put him in one of those infant floaters.

Nope, for Adam it's all about the diving board.

He can't really "jump" per se, but he will step off. For safety reasons, I just throw him off.

This is a rare moment of contentment just sitting in the pool with Daddy. Thanks to Dan for the great pictures.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Pork Rind Nutrition

Sometimes I use Scott's laptop in the morning while I am feeding Adam. The last Google search he did is usually still sitting there at the top of the screen. This morning it was "pork rind nutrition". I'm not sure exactly what "nutrition" he was hoping to learn about or what led him to do such a search (we don't stock pork rinds in our house). There have been some other funny ones like "monkey riding pig" but the pork rinds definitely win. What can I say, my husband's thirst for knowledge is endless.