Friday, September 30, 2011


 *I found this as a draft from earlier this year.  Enjoy.

Here's what we've been doing this month.

1. Making gigantic messes inside because Spring is being stubborn.
2. Participating in swim lessons at the YMCA.  Adam got to do a class with his bud Isaac.

 3. Went on many Easter egg hunts and enjoyed the treats.

The end.

Summer Vacay to Utah: Part 4 (Hiking to Timp Caves)

Our second hike was to the Timpanogos Caves.  This is one of those beautiful hikes that, for some reason, we never did all the time we lived in Utah.  We hiked with my sister, Melody, and her family.  That worked out to 4 adults and 6 kids 4 and under and a high mountain with no guard rail.  Lots of, "get away from the edge!!" moments.

The tunnels were a highlight for the kids.

Jane made it this far (3/4 of the way up) all on her own.  If you've done this hike, you're impressed, if you haven't, you should be.

Then this happened.

Then this happened.

Ready for our tour.  Now I know that it was at this moment that Jane was filling her diaper.  Made for a rather fragrant tour through the narrow, humid caves.

We had the best tour guide.  She paid a lot of attention to the kids.

That's Paige's drool on my sweater.  In case you were wondering.

True to form...

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Summer Vacay to Utah: Part 3

On a particularly hot day we tried out the Orem Community Pool, which was like a mini-waterpark.  Paige is not a huge fan of the water.

She did, however, enjoy chilling by the pool with Jane and me.

Go ahead, try to resist the urge to squeeze her, just try.

Adam went down this slide approximately 4,934 times.

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Summer Vacay to Utah: Part 2

After the reunion we tried to see as much of beautiful Utah as we could.  We started with a hike on the Alpine Loop.  It was lovely. 

Delicious, cool, spring water along the trail.  Perfection.

Can you see Paige in this picture?  She's in the backpack; probably sleeping.  Bum.

Hey she's awake!  My bad.

Adam LOVED the hikes.  I should mention that he hiked every single one unassisted.  He did ask for a lift a couple of times, but being the oldest of three means there is no one left to carry you.  He was a champ!

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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Summer Vacay to Utah: Part 1

So, we went to Utah at the end of July and now it's September.  I am a bit behind on my blogging.  Sorry.

We flew out late and it went something like this:
Pretty awesome.  Even better is that, when we landed, they rolled their little suitcases all the way to the rental car and we drove to my brother's house and then they went right back to sleep.  Best case scenario when traveling with three children 4 and under.

We visited the aquarium in Sandy and a good time was had by all with the possible exception of the octopus that Scott took a flash picture of after missing the announcement that it basically blinds the octopus.  Whoops.

Paige's exertions were so extensive that she had no choice but to collapse into a deep slumber (a recurring theme throughout the trip).

Another recurring theme was Scott and me stuffing our faces with delicious Mexican food at every opportunity.  We found a Mexican grocery store near my brother's house that had the most delicious food.  One little treasure were the popsicles.  Paige and I shared this coconut beauty.

The whole reason for this trip was to attend a family reunion in southern Utah.  There were a lot of fun things to do.  My dad was handing out rides on his scooter and Jane was first in line. 

My Dad built an awesome playground for the kids.  From scratch.  He's a bit handy.  He needs to live closer.

We went to an Iron Man competition while we were in southern Utah.  It was fun to watch, but the kids had more fun at the playground.

There were a lot of babies at the reunion, so there was some doubling up in the cribs.  This is Paige and her cousin Noelle.

Some of my siblings put together a kickball game.  I'm not one to be left out.

Paige didn't seem to mind.

I took the girls to bed but Scott and Adam stayed back with the boys to roast marshmallows.

I love this picture that Scott snapped of my Dad and Jane at church.

After the reunion we headed to Orem to stay with my brother for the rest of our trip.  There was a huge rocking horse.  Jane was happy.  To be continued...

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Saturday, September 10, 2011

How to Feel Better About Your Mothering Skills

Here are some highlights to watch for:

00:00:00 - Completely clueless
00:00:50 - See coin in crib
00:00:58 - Recover senses
00:01:02 - Pick up coin and realize there is also a little bit of vomit on and around coin
00:01:05 - Turn off camera and start shaking and sweating while I hold my baby

There.  Now do you feel better about your mothering?  At least YOU didn't let your baby swallow a dime, put her to bed (with her bottle!  Crime!), and not hear her while she (obviously) gagged and threw up in the night.  You're welcome.

Paige is 1! One!

There was S'more Cake, born of our recent discovery that Paige loves roasted marshmallows.

There was pizza (and a slightly tacky "1" crown, Target sucks me in every time).

There as the obligatory feeding frenzy resulting in one very messy girl (I actually found cake in her belly button at bedtime).

And there were presents and lots of "help" from her siblings and cousins in opening said presents.

But, mostly there was a little girl.  She joined our family a year ago and is a constant source of joy to all of us.

At the ripe old age of one she:

(finally) Sleeps through the night
Stands unassisted
Says mama, dada, baba (bottle), hi, no and up
Belly laughs at her siblings antics
Dances when you sing to her
Puts anything smaller than a golf ball in her mouth (horrifying post to come)
Climbs the stairs

We adore this sweet baby and are so happy she joined our family!