Monday, January 26, 2009


Here are some pictures to catch you up on some happenings around the Holmes' household. Jane wowed everyone at church with her pure cuteness in this outfit:

She was screaming when I tried to take pictures before church, I caught her when she was taking a breath, so she only looks mildly annoyed.

This kid sleeps ALL THE TIME. I'm not complaining, oh no no no, never. Just, is this normal? I mean, I'm talking like 20 hours per day. She wakes up to eat and that is about all the work she can handle before drifting off again. Maybe next time I'll just get a middle of the road child, Adam screamed and didn't sleep well at all.

We took Adam to the butterfly exhibit at Strong Museum. I wish I could say it was all about exposing Adam to educational opportunities. It was more about exposing myself to 75 degree heat with some humidity. It's been a BAD winter.

I hope this doesn't offend any delicate sensibilities, but we're firm believers in the group shower when it comes to our babies. We did it with Adam until he got too heavy and we risked dropping him when he was all soaped up. It's just easier to hand them into the shower, scrub them clean and hand them back out than it is to haul out those ridiculous baby baths, fill get the idea. Anyway, Jane has already been subjected to her share of family showers:

Here is a picture of Adam, he is about a month older than Jane is in the picture above:

This further reinforces my point about Jane's sleeping:

Adam loves to get under this thing with Jane.

Looking at that picture makes me realize how big Adam is. I still think of him as a baby most of the time. Hard to believe he will be two in a couple of months!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Keep 'em Seperated

This is the last one I'll post, I promise. I had to do this one since it features husbands of some of the readers of this blog. It also demonstrates the high brow recreational activities of Scott's time at BYU.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Corned Beef is Freedom: Part 2 (Goatie Man)

I have no words for this one. Scott is the one laughing uproariously at the bad jokes...

I will post some cute pictures of my kids next. I owe that to you after three parts of Corned Beef is Freedom.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Corned Beef is Freedom: Part 1

Here is the next clip from Scott's high school escapades. Fun things to look for in this one:

1. Jason Tranquill debating whether or not to give in to peer pressure.
2. Scott doling out a healthy dose of said peer pressure.
3. Scott and Conrad doing more "scum jumping" (jumping into the filthy canal water). It's a miracle they didn't catch the plague.

Thanks to Conrad for uploading these gems to youtube. Stay tuned for the rest of the clips.

Corned Beef is Freedom: Intro (circa 1991)

A friend of Scott's, Conrad, uploaded these clips from a video Scott and his friends made in high school. Now, before you watch this one, here are some fun things to look for:

1. "Scum Jumping" or, jumping into the Erie Canal, yuck.
2. Scott's creative way of shoveling his parent's driveway.
3. Scott's ice skating youth activity injury.
4. Costumes "borrowed" from the Hill Cumorah Pageant

6 Weeks Old

Jane has done all sorts of exciting things in her first six weeks. She made her first appearance at church (Sacrament meeting only):

She had the first of many bows tied on her head:

She tried out her 3-6 month wardrobe and (surprise, surprise) it fits!

She braved the Rochester subzero temperatures:

And she contemplated the meaning of life while looking very, very cute (and just a little bit fat).

Monday, January 5, 2009

What I Did on My Christmas Vacation (Jane)

Was adored by my aunt.

Practiced at being a contortionist.

Was adored by Grandma.

Was adored by this cousin...

And this cousin...

Exhausting, but good work, if you can get it.

What I Did on My Christmas Vacation (Adam)

Spent every possible moment with my favorite cousin.

Discovered the joy of bubble baths.

Opened lots of presents (even some that weren't mine).

Decorated the Christmas tree.

Went sledding with Dad and some of my cousins.

A successful Christmas!