Thursday, March 29, 2012

February: Kind of a Boring Month, Except That Bit at the End...

Sports Sampler class at the Y.  Lessons learned: (1) Adam is good at dribbling a soccer ball, not so with a basketball.  (2) Jane will suck her thumb and stare into space for about 60% of the class.  (3) The Y gives out pretty cool metals.

She does this with most small, roundish foods.  Ritz crackers, doughnut holes, Oreos; why bite when you can cram?  (Please don't judge me by the list of foods I just admitted that my 18 month-old eats.

Scott will not like that I haven't edited this for red-eye.  I'm blogging, okay?!  Be grateful for what you get.  This picture is meant to illustrate Paige's love of PB and my awesome camera skills as I catch a cracker mid-fall.

Morning Dora fix plus not fighting equals a pretty good morning.

It was at about this point that Scott and I left our kids with some good friends and boarded a ship for a week with some other good friends.  Post to follow.

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