Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Closest I’ll Ever Get to Black Friday


Last Thursday our county held the first of two planned H1N1 clinics.  The clinic didn’t start until 10am, but being the savvy person I am, I got there at 9:20.  Apparently Rochester is a savvy place, because the line was already around the building.  The icing on the cake was when it started to rain at 9:30.  It was so fun to stand in the freezing rain for an hour.  I thought it was interesting that the county held a flu clinic for all of their “high risk residents” and then had them all wait in the freezing rain.  Ugh.


This is the pediatric line.


After waiting for 2 hours, we finally made it to the waiting area, where we waited for another hour. IMG_4215  

Right as we made it to the front of the line a man came up, waving a hundred dollar bill, offering to pay it to anyone who would switch places in line with him.  I was very proud of my comrades in line that no one took him up on it.    Looking back, he really didn’t have a chance.  These were parents who waited for over three hours in the freezing rain to get their children inoculated; a hundred bucks just wasn’t gonna cut it.

Having a Big Yard…the Fun Part


We procrastinated long enough and decided the time had come to rake the yard.  It’s no small job seeing as we have a very deep yard.  I was encouraged when I remembered that we brought Dorothy’s lawn tractor in the move.   Adam loved being a part of the action.


I was also glad when I remembered we had these head phones.  The tractor is very loud and Adam appreciated them.  Even with the help of the lawn tractor, it still took 6 hours to rake the whole yard; and that was just round one…


Friday, November 6, 2009

More Adamisms

Scott and I were holding hands the other day and Adam came up, grabbed our hands, pulled them apart and said, "Stop holding hands, this isn't a parking lot."

I lit a cheap scented candle in the kitchen the other day. Adam came in, sniffed the air and said, "It smells like fruit snacks in here." Just what I was going for.

Adam was in the other room while I was trying to feed Jane. She knocked the spoon (full of food) clean out of my hands. I must have said something that indicated to Adam what had happened because, from the other room, Adam yelled, "She's a menace!" I guess I need to stop using that word to describe my children...

Thursday, November 5, 2009

She Kills Me…


IMG_4115 IMG_4119

I feel so lucky to be able to squeeze this little girl everyday.

What’s That You Say? It’s November??

Then I guess I should probably stop slacking and post our Halloween pictures.  I wasn’t planning on having Scott and me dress up.  Adam knew exactly what he wanted to be and so I threw the idea of a “family theme” out the window; until Wednesday morning.  I was lying in bed thinking about Adam and Jane’s costumes, trying to come up with a theme, and then it came to me.  See if you can figure it out.  Adam had been reading a book about someone who puts on a bunny costume for Easter and was determined to be a bunny.  Luckily a friend had a costume in his exact size:IMG_4080 When Jane was still an infant a friend handed me a what seemed like a pile of satin and sequins and said, “Jane must wear this for Halloween.”  After examining it closer, I heartily agreed. 

IMG_4045 I can’t think of someone who could pull off a belly dancer costume better.

So, that’s what I had to work with while I was trying to think of costumes for Scott and I on the morning of our Trunk or Treat.  And here’s what I came up with:


I am a magician, Adam is my rabbit, Scott is my deck of cards.   And Jane?  Jane is my lovely assistant.  And she was lovely indeed.

So we did the Trunk or Treat on Wednesday.  Adam loved the candy walk.  Unfortunately his ears kept falling in his face, nevertheless, he persevered.


It was fun to see all of the other costumes.  This cute little pirate  is about 2 1/2 months older than Jane and about 1/2 her size.  You may remember her from before:


Adam and his cousin went Trick or Treating on Saturday.  Adam had the routine down this year and said his “trick or treat” and “thank you” perfectly.  He even threw in a “happy Halloween” occasionally.  My favorite moment was when we came to a house where they were handing out pencils instead of candy.

IMG_4100Adam examined it and, on determining it wasn’t edible, said, “this is not a trick or treat”.     Smart kid, already separating the wheat from the chaffs.