Sunday, January 23, 2011

Daddy's Girl?

We have a Daddy's Boy (Adam) and a Momma's Girl (Jane).  Is this Paige indicating her choice?

Maybe, but I think I still have time to win her over.  I paint toes.  And have good smelling lotions that I will let you use.  And I love a good snuggle.

Just sayin', Paige, don't give up on me yet...

Sink Bath

I was giving Paige a bath in the kitchen sink.  Jane thought it looked like fun and wanted one too.  I indulged her.

I mean, look at her.  Could you say "no" to that face?

Then things got a little out of hand... 

I promise I sanitized my sink after this.

Friday, January 14, 2011

More Soundbites

Sorry, I have to document this stuff somewhere, it's just too funny.

Adam: Can I watch a show for quiet time?
Me: Sure let's see what's on PBSkids.
Adam: Dot org.
Me: What?
Adam: That's PBS's last name; dot org.
Me: Good to know.

Me: Okay Jane, climb in your bed for your nap.
Jane: (throws a Lego person under her bed)
Me: Let's not put stuff under the bed (fishing it out).
Jane: No Mama! I like to sleep with a man under my bed!
Me: Hmmm...