Saturday, May 8, 2010

Still Still Alive

Oh friends, I am so bad. I promise I think of blogging often but other things seem to keep getting in the way. For example:

Scott and I were married on this day in 1998 (I'll save you the math; 12 years)
Tomorrow is Mother's Day
Monday Scott turns 37

It's going to be a busy (albeit fun) few days.

In other news we have been discussing baby names. I am not one to keep them secret until the baby is born. We have discussed several names. Adam wants to name her Annie (Anne), which I love but I think his liking the name may have a lot to do with the Little Einsteins cartoon character rather than any fundamental love of the name itself. I am going back and forth between Paige and Claire. Scott is warmer toward Paige; but nothing is final. I shouldn't say nothing, her middle name will definitely be Jacqueline after my paternal grandmother.

While I have been neglecting my blog, I have been accomplishing a lot in the yard. Our yard needed a lot of work (and still does) so it was nice to start some landscaping projects. We also held a Cinco de Mayo party which necessitated the cleaning of my house; and that's no small project.

I have lots to post and I promise I will play catch up soon. I have Adam's 3rd birthday pictures, lots of pictures and stories from our spring outings and a pretty good video of the pinata breaking from the Cinco de Mayo party. And that isn't even close to everything. Just think, one day you'll check my blog (or Google Reader if you're smart) and there will be plenty to read about our (not so) exciting lives!