Monday, April 19, 2010

We are alive...

The first 16 weeks of this pregnancy were pretty rough. But, I am feeling better and I have energy again, so I will try to get my blog up to date over the next few days. Here are some tidbits about what we've been up to:

1. We found out we're having a baby girl in September.
2. We bought ourselves bikes and have been riding all over. It makes us feel very hip and "green".
3. Adam has been coming up with all sorts of interesting thoughts like, "When Jane grows a penis, I'll teach her to use the potty." Thanks bud, for her sake, I hope that never happens.
4. Jane is officially a "strong-willed child". She keeps us on our toes and intimidates kids twice her age. Any suggestions are welcome.
5. I went to see "Wicked" the other day. I went to the matinee with some friends. Scott took the day off to watch the kids so I could go. He's just that cool.
6. Adam knows his letters and the sounds they make. His first sight word was, "Wegmans", which is our favorite grocery store. We're confident that, "JoAnne's", "Target" and "Panera" are not far behind.

Look for some actual posts with pictures in the coming days. I'm back, at least until I have this baby. Then I will probably disappear again until I regain my sanity and find the time and energy to shower regularly. Because it seems wrong to have time to blog when my hygiene is suffering.