Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Little Gym

Last September, Adam started taking gymnastic classes at a place called “the Little Gym”. While we don’t have Olympic hopes for Adam, the class was a great opportunity for him to do something by himself with kids and adults that he didn’t know. At the end of January he had his final class, called “Show Class”, where he was able to show what he learned.

All of the kids got to make their own entrance while everyone clapped and cheered. The parents were all very good to cheer for every child. Enjoy Adam’s moves, although it reminds me a bit of Stuart from MadTV.


Adam was the only one actually doing what he was supposed to here.They are supposed to be crawling backwards across the bars (that’s him in the yellow shirt).


Here he is waiting for his ribbon.


And this is what Jane did most of the time.

Anyway, the class was fun but a bit pricey. Adam started a different tumbling class through our town this month and seems to be enjoying it. I have to say, however, that going into the 40 year old gym with a few mats on the floor at a broken down elementary school is a little depressing after the glitz of The Little Gym. But, you get what you pay for…

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Florida Vacation: Part Three (The Beach)

We ventured an hour east to Cocoa Beach to enjoy the sun and sand. Scott immediately got to work digging a hole. I know this is a male thing, I do not try to understand.


Adam had some issues with the sand touching him, luckily that didn’t last.


Jane trying out the hole.


I am a sucker for these types of pictures. Jane and her Grandma.


Jane tried (unsuccessfully) to refill Scott’s hole.


Adam and Scott admire its depth.


It was pretty impressive.


This was inevitable, sad and cute all at the same time.


There were those brief moments where all of the cousins played harmoniously together.



As noted above, I am a real sucker for these kinds of pictures…


So, that was our day at the beach. We piled our sandy, exhausted kids into the car, stopped at Dairy Queen for some cool refreshment and headed back to the hotel.

Florida Vacation: Part Two (or “Our Visit to the ‘Happiest Place on Earth’)

We decided ahead of time that we would go to Disney World, at the most, two days.  The kids are so young and it’s so expensive.  Well, after our first day at Magic Kingdom we decided one day was enough.  We had fun, but it is a long day for little kids (and parents).


I’ll let you decide whether Scott is riding alone or whether Adam just can’t be seen…


There was a huge tree house and Adam had a lot of fun exploring.


Before our trip, whenever Adam would watch a Disney movie, we would tell him that he was going to see that castle at the beginning when we went to Florida.  He was pretty stoked to see it.


He really enjoyed the song and dance shows they do at the castle during the day.


I get motion sick pretty easily, so I stayed away from a lot of the rides, but I did go on the go carts with Adam.  They were pretty lame.


I am sure there’s more to tell, but Jane illustrates well the way we felt at the end of the day. 

Disney World, we’ll see you again some other time, when our children can appreciate you well enough to justify your exorbitant admission price.

Florida Vacation: Part One

We went to Florida a couple of weeks ago to escape the bitter cold of Rochester.  We were so excited to pull out the short-sleeved shirts and sunglasses; Jane especially like the sunglasses.


Anybody who knows me well knows I could eat out for every meal and be a very happy woman.  So we enjoyed lots of meals out including breakfast at this little gem:


We also enjoyed that elusive delight called a “free upgrade”.  We reserved a full-size sedan-type car and were given this beauty.  Very cool.


The resort we stayed at had a heated pool and we did partake.


Up next…Disney World.


Jane finally decided to start “officially” walking the other day.  She took her first steps at Thanksgiving but has been playing it cool since then.  Unfortunately, her new status as “ambulatory” has given her quite the adventurous spirit and has gotten her into all sorts of trouble lately.


Climbing on things is a new hobby and has really opened up a world of possibilities for her.


In other news, I made a list of activities to do with Adam to avoid my fallback plan called, “Dora”.  One of those things was making a fort.  Adam hadn’t ever done this before and it had been years since I attempted the feat so I was pretty proud of my structure that consisted of a couple of chairs with a blanket thrown over them.  Well, leave it to Scott to one up me.  I came downstairs to this structure later that day:


Much cooler.


Notice his use of the tunnel as a point of entry?  That was my idea.  The rest?  I just don’t possess the engineering skills to accomplish such greatness.

Mullet Be Gone!


I had to admit a while back that Jane’s “curls” really amounted to no more than a wavy mullet.  So, on a stormy night, I cut them off.  I am quite pleased with the results.